Dinah and Steve

We love our nation's history!

The shop came online April 1 2001 and is
operated by Dinah and Steve Hale,
re-enactors of the 18th century American
Revolutionary War and Colonial eras in
Connecticut. Steve Hale is a past Captain of
Knowlton's Rangers of whom Nathan Hale 
was a fighting member. Dinah and Steve
are members of Ye Old Lebanon Towne Militia 
in Lebanon, Connecticut whose primary
initiative is to re-enact the very same
militia unit that existed in 1775.
Dinah and Steve are also members of
Warehouse Point Ancient Fife & Drum Corps in Warehouse Point, Connecticut.

The interest in the Liberty Bell itself came from Dinah who is a collector of all things related to the bell. If you are ever in Philadelphia and are visiting the bell, as you walk through the exhibits just before you reach the bell there is a giant picture of a room full of libertybells, that, we are proud to say, is our livingroom.